We love cats, and we want to make Los Angeles a better place for them.

Join a community of cat lovers dedicated to cat rescue.

We save cats by educating humans.


No, we aren't a real college. But what IS real is that we are dedicated to help change the world for cats. We are tired of seeing sky-high euthanasia rates in Los Angeles. Our hearts break seeing homeless kittens on the streets and neglected cats who deserve as much love as the ones we cherish in our homes. We are here to take a stand for cats in Los Angeles, and to support TNR to end the Cat Crisis in Los Angeles.

We ARE a nonprofit animal rescue organization, 501c3 registered charity.

EIN: 83-0903810 



We need to STOP the endless stream of homeless kittens. The only way to do this is to target the root of the problem - by fixing ALL outdoor cats.


All pet cats should be kept indoors for the safety of the cat and other animals. All feral/stray/community cats need to be TNR-ed (Trap Neuter Return).


TNR is the only effective and humane method for controlling cat populations and preventing unwanted kittens. Without our help, outdoor cats will continue to produce homeless kittens.