We love cats 

and are committed to fighting for their welfare in Los Angeles

Our hearts break seeing homeless kittens on the streets and neglected cats who deserve as much love as the ones we cherish in our homes. We are here to take a stand for cats in Los Angeles, and to support TNR to end the Cat Crisis in Los Angeles.

Save homeless kitte​ns by preventing them:

There is a Cat Crisis in Los Angeles. There are thousands, if not millions of cats living on the streets of L.A. This happened due to a combination of human neglect and the cat's natural prolific breeding. Thousands of cats and kittens end up in the shelters where they are then killed simply because there are too many of them. No, Los Angeles is NOT a "no-kill" city. At least, not yet...

The solution to this heart-breaking problem is spaying/neutering all the cats we can. This prevents the homeless cat population from becoming worse and helps us find quality homes for the cats that need them. The only way to fix this is with help from volunteers, the community, and implementing large-scale spay/neuter programs.

Learn more by watching our documentary:

Cat Crisis in Los Angeles

Over 3,000 cats and kittens were killed in Los Angeles in 2019, and the problem is getting worse. Learn how TNR (Trap Neuter Return) is the effective and human method for controlling cat populations. The cats of Los Angeles need our help now more than ever - watch to learn how you can support them.

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