Over one million households in Los Angeles have at least one cat. However, for every cat that has a home, there is a cat in L.A. that doesn't. There is an estimated 1 to 3 MILLION homeless, feral cats living on the streets of Los Angeles.

These "Invisible Cats" are homeless, feral cats. They live in the alleys, streets, and bushes of the city where they remain unseen. They don't have stable access to safety or food, and they aren't fixed - which only causes the overpopulation to become worse. These cats live difficult, and short lives - and they shouldn't be on the streets and uncared for in the first place.

We want to change that. We know that people are the ones that caused this problem - and we need to be the ones to fix it. The cats aren't at fault - they are the victims in this situation, and it's not right to kill or abandon them. We need to educate the community, raise funds, and start finding no-kill solutions for the millions of cats we put on the streets. Please help us in producing a documentary that will shed light on the plight of feral cats in Los Angeles. 

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