What We Do

Cat College is a unique nonprofit for cats, because we believe that in order to solve the cat overpopulation problem, more people need to be aware of their part in it. Educating the community is our primary mission. When we first started, we had the vision of helping cat owners solve their behavioral problems with their cats in order to decrease the amount of cat surrenders (i.e. more people keeping their cats!). That idea has grown into educating the community, not just about their own cats, but about all cats - especially about the ones are living on the streets, and dying in the shelters. We knew that's where the impact would be greatest and where cats needed us the most.




Cat College Ruins Los Angeles

  • Are you a fan of the TV show "Adam Ruins Everything"? So are we. So much so, that we wanted to educate the Los Angeles community about their part in the cat-overpopulation crisis in the same manner.
  • This is currently a work in progress. Stay tuned to find out more!

Providing resources and advice for cat guardians and rescuers

  • We believe independent trappers are the true heroes in the cat rescue community. Are you an independent trapper and need help with supplies or traps? Contact us.
  • Not a trapper yet, but want to be? Check out these resources to get the knowledge you need to be a true cat savior. 

Providing free and low-cost spay/neuter services

  • What Los Angeles needs the most is free or low-cost, easy-accessible spay/neuter services for feral or stray cats. We aim to provide spay/neuter services and medical care for homeless cats, in the effort to finally end cat overpopulation in Los Angeles.

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About Us

Founder and President of Cat College


My name is Kara Odenbaugh, and I am the Founder and President of Cat College. I've been a cat lover since the first time I saw one, and the love has only grown from there! I've spent 5 years working in animal rescue and as a veterinary assistant, and always had the dream of starting my own nonprofit to save cats.

In 2018, that dream became a reality. I founded Cat College with the mission to educate the community about the plight of feral cats so we can end the senseless killing of cats and kittens in the shelters. 

Executive Director of Cat College


My name is Alex Bernal, I'm the Executive Director of Cat College. I'm an animal lover and advocate, especially for cats. I have three cats that were all rescued. One of them being a TNR cat that we saved from the streets after a serious injury.

My goal is to help spread the word about Invisible Cats and help them in anyway I can. I hope that you will support our cause to fund this documentary and help cats find a family just as mine have.